Yan Tianhua

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                YAN, TIANHUA

                 Associate Professor of Department of physiology cardiovascularpharmacology, Institute of basic medicine and clinical pharmacy, China Pharmaceutical University

                 Phone: 13016931191

                 Email: 13016931191@126.com

                Research Summary

                Associate professor YAN was born in August 1969 in Wenling, Zhejiang Province. The main research directionis cardiovascular pharmacology, especially cardiovascular, cerebrovascular disease (such as coronary heart disease and cerebral apoplexy) and diabetes, which provide new methodsfor the research and development of new drugs. Heis engaged in cardiovascular pharmacology and new drug evaluation. He commitmentshis energy to theoretical teaching for Human Anatomy and Physiology, Cardiovascular Pharmacology and Modern Pharmacology, as well as the experimental teaching for undergraduate students. Collectively, Associate professor YAN is a excellent teacher with a sense of responsibility.


                 2005-2008    Ph.D., Pharmacology,China Pharmaceutical University

                 1995-1998    M.S., Pharmacology,Second Military Medical University

                 1987-1991    B.S., Pharmacology,China Pharmaceutical University

                Academic Experience

                 2006-nowAssociate professor of pharmacology, Department of physiology of China Pharmaceutical University

                 2005-2006Lecturer of pharmacology, Department of physiology of China Pharmaceutical University

                 1998-2004Department director of pharmacology, Department of Second Military Medical University

                 1991-1995Teaching assistant of pharmacology, Department of Nanjing Naval Medical College


                 2012, Human Anatomy and Physiology, Southeast University Press


                 1. Protective effect of compound on myocardial ischemia reperfusion injury in rats(200910025743.3)

                 2. Polypeptide CW7213 purification process(201110003682.8)

                Scientific research project

                 1. National Eleventh Five Major Drug Discovery Project.

                 Study on the effect of CW7213 on the treatment of diabetes mellitus.

                 2. National TwelveFive Major Drug Discovery Project.

                Therapeutic effect of TG-6 on myocardial ischemia-reperfusion injury

                3. National TwelveFive Major Drug Discovery Project.

                Pharmacology and pharmacodynamics study of preclinical part of salidroside raw material.

                Main Papers and Articles

                1 Jingyan L, Yujuan G, Yiming Y, Lingpeng Z, Tianhua Y*, Mingxing M. Salidroside Attenuates LPS-Induced Acute Lung Injury in Rats[J].Inflammation.2017; 40(5):1520-1531.

                2 Luo F, Liu J, Yan T*, Miao M.Salidroside alleviates cigarette smoke-induced COPD in mice[J].Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy. 2017; 86:155-161.

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                4.Zhou R, Luo F, Lei H, Zhang K, Liu J, He H, Gao J, Chang X, He L, Ji H, Yan T*, Chen T.Liujunzi Tang, a famous traditional Chinese medicine, ameliorates cigarette smoke-induced mouse model of COPD[J]. Journal of Ethnopharmacology 2016;193:643-651.

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                11 Xiayun Chang, Fen Luo, Wenjiao Jiang , Lingpeng Zhu, Jin Gao , He He , Tingting Wei, Shilin Gong, Tianhua Yan*. Protective activity of salidroside against ethanol

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