Xu Ming

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                XU, MING

                Associate Professor of Clinical Pharmacy

                School of Preclinical Medicine and Clinical Pharmacy

                Email: mingxu@cpu.edu.cn

                Our research interests focus on rational drug use and clinical drug evaluation, as well as cardiovascular pharmacology. Until now,28 SCI papers have been published, and 18 papers of them were published as the first author.17 conference papers were published in the FASEB Journal and Hypertension journal in international academic conferences. At present, our lab is supported by the fund ofNational Key New Drug Innovation Program (2017ZX09301066), the National Natural Science Foundation of China (81570413/81773732), Basic scientific research fund, high-level talent introduction in China Pharmaceutical University. Iparticipated in writing the eighth edition of the National Pharmacy Textbook "Overview of pharmacy services".  


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