Wei Libin

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                Libin Wei


                Libin Wei

                Technical title

                Associate Professor; Master Supervisor


                Tumor Pharmacology, Tumor Metabolism

                Education Background

                Sep 2011~Jun 2014, China Pharmaceutical university, Ph.D of pharmacology;

                Sep 2008Jun 2011, China Pharmaceutical university, M.A. of pharmacology

                Sep 2004Jun 2008, China Pharmaceutical university, B.S. of pharmacology


                2016 Outstanding Young Backbone teacher sponsored by Qing Lan Project in Jiangsu Province.

                2015 Excellent Doctoral Dissertation of Jiangsu Province




                Prof. Wei is mainly engaged in the tumor pathogenesis and nature antitumor drug discovery research. Her mainly studies are foucued on the modulation mechanisms of the reprogramming metabolism in cancer cell as well as in the tumor microenviroment, and the development of novel anticancer drugs based on these metabolism-associated mechanisms.


                • Published 15 papers in SCI research journals.

                • Presided 1 National Natural Science Foundation of China;1 Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities .

                • Applied for 4 national invention patents and granted 1 patent.

                Representative Publications

                1Libin Wei, Yuxin Zhou, Qinsheng Dai, Chen Qiao, Li Zhao, Hui Hui, Na Lu*,Qinglong Guo*. Oroxylin A induces dissociation of hexokinase II from the mitochondria and inhibits glycolysis by SIRT3 mediated deacetylation of cyclophilin D in breast carcinoma. Cell Death & Disease . 2013;18(4):e601 (IF2013=5.177)

                2Kai Zhao, Yuxin Zhou, Chen Qiao, Ting Ni, Zhiyu Li, Xiaotang Wang, Qinglong Guo, Na Lu*, Libin Wei*. Oroxylin A promotes PTEN-mediated negative regulation of MDM2 transcription via SIRT3-mediated deacetylation to stabilize p53 and inhibit glycolysis in wt-p53 cancer cells. Journal of Hematology & Oncology. 2015 Apr 23;8:41 (IF2015=6.262)

                3Libin Wei, Yuxin Zhou, Chen Qiao, Ting Ni, Zhiyu Li,  Qidong You*, Qinglong Guo* , Na Lu*. Oroxylin A inhibits glycolysis-dependent proliferation of human breast cancer via promoting SIRT3-mediated SOD2 transcription and HIF1α destabilization. Cell Death & Disease.2015. Apr 9;6:e1714 (IF2015=5.378)

                4Libin Wei, Yuxin Zhou, Jing Yao, Chen Qiao, Ting Ni, Ruichen Guo, Qinglong Guo* and Na Lu*.Lactate promotes PGE2 synthesis and gluconeogenesis in monocytes to benefit the growth of inflammation-associated colorectal tumor. Oncotarget. 2015 Jun 30;6(18):16198-214. (IF2015=5.008)

                5Libin Wei1, Yuyuan Yao1, Kai Zhao, Yujie Huang, Yuxin Zhou, Li Zhao, Qinglong Guo,* and Na Lu*.Oroxylin A Inhibits Invasion and Migration Through Suppressing ERK/GSK-3b Signaling in Snail-Expressing Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer Cells. Molecular Carcinogenesis, 2016 Dec;55(12):2121-2134. (IF2016=4.185)

                6Lin Yang1, Yinan Yuan1, Chengyu Fu, Xuefen Xu, Jieying Zhou, Shuhao Wang, Lingyi Kong, Zhiyu Li, Qinglong Guo*, Libin Wei*. LZ-106, a novel analog of enoxacin, inducing apoptosis via activation of ROS-dependent DNA damage response in NSCLCs. Free Radical Biology and Medicine. 2016 Jun; 95, 155–168. (IF2016=5.965)

                7Ting Ni1, Zihao He1, Yuanyuan Dai, Jingyue Yao, Qinglong Guo*, and Libin Wei*.Oroxylin A suppresses the development and growth of colorectal cancer through reprogram of HIF1α-modulated fatty acid metabolism. Cell Death and Disease 2017 Jun 8;8(6):e2865  (IF2016=5.965)

                8Libin Wei1, Yuanyuan Dai1, Yuxin Zhou, Zihao He, Jingyue Yao, Li Zhao, Qinglong Guo*,and Lin Yang*.Oroxylin A activates PKM1/HNF4 alpha to induce hepatoma differentiation and block cancer progression. Cell Death and Disease (2017) 8, e2944 (IF2016=5.965)


                Jiangsu Key Laboratory of Carcinogenesis and Intervention, China Pharmaceutical University, Tong Jiaxiang 24, Nanjing 21009, P.R.C