Accreditation of clinical pharmacy in China Pharmaceutical University

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                On the morning of November 7th, the on-site examination of clinical pharmacy certification was held in the conference room of Jiangning Campus Medical Building. Professor Li Jun, Party Secretary of Anhui Medical University, and Dong Zhi, Party Secretary of Children's Hospital of Chongqing Medical University along with Long and other 14 experts attended the meeting. The president of our school gave a welcome speech to Professor Leo Lu, vice president Lu Tao, responsible person of the department and functional department of the school, and person in charge of clinical pharmacy, teaching manager and core curriculum teacher attended the meeting.

                After the meeting, the expert group visited the specialized laboratory for three days, where the group examined various teaching materials, and held a symposium for faculty and students .During the feedback stage, experts fully affirmed the features of our clinical pharmacy speciality, and put forward some pertinent opinions and suggestions on building basic medical experiment teaching center, introducing backbone teachers of medical courses and improving curriculum system.

                On November 9th, a feedback meeting was held by the Expert Group on Clinical Pharmacy. Prof. Li read the preliminary report of the Group's certification , and made a preliminary report on the strengths of the clinical medical professionals and the need for improvement for the purposes and objectives of the school, educational programmes, student achievement assessment, education resources , education evaluation, scientific research, management and administration.Vice- President Lu Tao made a statement on behalf of the school. He stated that the school would carefully examine the opinions of the expert group, analyze the existing problems objectively, further deepen clinical pharmacy teaching system and personnel training reform, push forward the new step in clinical pharmacy teaching of our school. Additionally, the school would carefully comb through, modify and perfect the clinical pharmacy course system in our school according to the feedback of the expert group, and lay a foundation for the future development of high-level clinical pharmacy personnel training and the exploration of Pharm. D culture with international track.

                School of Basic Medical and Clinical Pharmacy

                Chang Qing Yang