. Department of Basic  Medicine

                DirectorNa Lu

                Deputy director  Yunman Li

                Division of  Physiology,DirectorQingLongGuo

                Division of  PathologyPending

                Division ofMedical  Bioinformatics,Deputy director:Xiaosheng  Wang

                Division ofMicrobial  Pharmacology and ImmunopharmacologyPending

                Division of Toxicology  Pending

                Division of Tumor  Pharmacology Pending

                Division of Cardiovascular  Pharmacology Pending

                 Ⅱ.Department of Clinical  Pharmacy

                DirectorXijing  Chen

                Deputy  director Changqing  Yang

                Division  of Clinical Pharmacy, Director: Feng Yu

                Division  ofPrecision Medicine, DirectorXuansheng  Ding

                Division  ofClinical Pharmacokinetic,Director: Xijing Chen

                 Ⅲ.Translational Medicine  Research Center (Under construction)

                Director:  pending

                Deputy  Director: pending

                Division  of Innovative Drug Discovery and Evaluation

                 Ⅳ.ExperimentalCenter of  Molecular and Cellular Biology

                DirectorXiaodong  Wen

                Deputy  directorQinsheng  Dai

                .ExperimentalCenter of Pharmaceutical  Animals

                DirectorZhen Chen

                Deputy  director:(pending

                .Jiangsu Key Laboratory of  Carcinogenesis and Intervention


                Deputy  directorNa Lu

                VII. Jiangsu  Public Technical Service Platform of New Drug Industryfor Small and Medium  Enterprises


                .Technology Platform of  Preclinical PharmacodynamicEvaluation forNewAnti-Tumor Drugs, National Ministry  of Science and Technology


                .Nanjing Open  Laboratory