Basketball Friendly Matches held by School of Basic Medicine and Clinical Pharmacy

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                To show the spirit of contemporary youth, School of Basic Medicine and Clinical Pharmacy held basketball friendly matches at the basketball court on Jiangning Campus on Dec. 24 2018.

                Participated by Youth League Branches of Grade17 and 18, the basketball game constituted Team of Reforming and Team of Opening-up, and Bo Wang, the League Secretary acted as the referee.In 2017, at a conference of central committeewith Chinese and foreign journalists, President and General Secretary ofthe Communist Party of China, Xi Jinpingproposed that "Reforming and Opening-up promote and complement each other", which is the origin of the team name. The game began in a whistle blowing.With breakthrough, defense, tackling, and fast attack, players fought back and forth in cheers and applause from the spectators. After a fierce competition, Team of Opening-up won the championship by a narrow margin of 4 points.

                This basketball game further enhanced the unity and solidarityof the youth in our college. It not only inspired students to study diligently but also tempered their endurance.Participating students said that they would like to bringthe indomitable and enterprising spirit to study and life, to show the brilliance of youth in time of the great national rejuvenation.

                In Memory of the 40th Anniversary of Reforming and Opening-up

                A Snapshot before Match began


                Contributed by: Ruihuan Liu

                School of Basic Medicine and Clinical Pharmacy