"Being a FRSH on Pharmacy, Having a Crash on Medicine " ---Welcome Meeting of Grade 2018 in School ofBasic Medicine and Clinical Pharmacy

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                In the evening of Sep. 7, the welcome meeting of Grade 2018, freshmenof School of Basic Medicine and Clinical Pharmacy was successfully held in the the Conference Center of lecture hall, Jiangning Campus. Secretary of the party committee of the college JianZhao, Dean, Professor Qinglong Guo, and Directors of Teaching and ResearchingOffices attended the meeting.

                During the meeting, Prof. Guo extended his warm welcome to freshmen who chose School of Basic Medicine and Clinical Pharmacy, and called on students "don't forget beginner’s mind", "to be a steadfast leaner".Prof. Guo also encouragedstudents to set goals earlyin the diversified education environment and to focus on academic work and personality development, so as to realize the ideal of life. With incoming ofTeachers' Day, freshmenrepresentative, LeleWang gave a speech and sent sincere wishes to all facultiesin our college, following by teachers school badge wearing for and souvenir giving to freshmen.

                Ms. Zhao also welcomed the freshmen--“xiao jiling”(means Young Smarties, a homophone for xiao jilin- Chinese name for School of BMCP) . She hoped thatall students should adapt to new environment as soon as possible, work diligently, and shoulder responsibilities ofthe youth generation. Shenoted that students should seek knowledge, improveskills, andapply theory into practice to better serve for country development.Finally, college leaders and teachersanswered questions raised by the students and parents, and the meeting ended in warm applause.

                The meeting helped freshmen and students’ parents have a deeper understanding of our college, which has also laid a solid foundation for freshmen to better integrate into college life, plan for futurestudy and havea colorful college time.

                Address by Dean, Prof.Qinglong Guo

                Speech Giving by Freshmen Representative

                School Badge Wearing and Souvenir Giving

                Address by Jian Zhao, Secretary of School Party Committee

                Question Raising

                Student Parents in the Meeting

                Contributed by: Ruihuan Liu

                School of Basic Medicine and Clinical Pharmacy