Academic Report by Prof. Zhu Xi from University of Texas

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                     On September 30, Michael Xi Zhu, Professor from University of Texas,made an academic report entitled "two pore channels in calcium signaling and cellular function" for graduate students, at the invitation of Professor Yu Ye, School of Basic Medicine and Clinical Pharmacy, China Pharmaceutical University.

                     Professor Michael Xi Zhu has long been engaged in research in ion channels, receptor regulations, and the physiological and pathological functions, focusing on TRP ion channels, TRC channels, voltage-gated calcium channels and G protein coupled receptors. In this report, Prof. Zhu introduced the research history and current situation of TRC channel based on his research results. During the report, teachers and students here exchanged academic and research experience with Professor Michael Xi Zhu.

                Academic Report by Prof. Zhu Xi

                (Contributed by Ruihuan Liu, School of Basic Medicine and Clinical Pharmacy)